About Us

Like most software applications, this one started off with a problem that didn't seem to have a solution. One of us was planning a summer project for our kids back in 2006, and the problem was this, "How much lumber do I need, what will it cost me, and what will this crazy thing look like anyway?".

Next came questions like, "What if I use 10 foot sections instead of 8 foot sections, is it cheaper?" or this one, "I'd rather use screws instead of nails, how does the cost change since they come in packs of 50? How many packs do I need?". Maybe you've been here too!!

From this, the search was on to find a low cost, easy to use piece of software to lay out a backyard project, and there didn't seem to be one. At that moment, the idea for 3D Build Planner was born.

The 3D Build Planner application was created to save the do-it-yourself builder time and money due to measurement errors, not enough lumber, or too much. In any case, there's always another frustrating reason to head back to the store and that wastes time and money. Hopefully, this application saves a few of those trips and makes your project a lot more predictable and fun.

3D Build Planner was designed, developed, and is published by an enthusiastic group of software experts, mathematicians, and do-it-yourself builders located in Ottawa Canada. We're always interested in feedback and sincerely hope you find your purchase worthwhile.

Happy Building
The 3D Build Planner Team,