Sample projects designed in under 20 minutes!

What can it do?

1. Displays your project before you build it. How?

2. Keeps track of project lumber and fasteners. How?

3. Tracks project cost based on prices you supply. How?

4. Optimizes project lumber to minimize cost. How?

5. Calculates measurements, mitres, and spacing when joining pieces. How?

6. Provides details such as surface area for staining and project weight. How?


Corrogated or straight cut, topper lattice or none, 3D Build Planner comes loaded with several fence examples or build your own. Experiment with horizontal and vertical lattice, or privacy spacing options in seconds to see which you prefer before you buy.


Whether you're building a simple platform or a multi level deck with wood railings, 3D Build Planner can help design your project. 3D Build Planner can handle straight forward floor designs or more complicated multi-level bull nose versions with powerful features like auto spacing for floor boards. When its done, use 3D Build Planner to help purchase just the right amount of stain.

Play Structures

Play time for the kids, big or small, 3D Build Planner comes loaded with several play structure ideas. Experiment with different platform heights for safety, privacy options, or extra supports for add-ons like slides and swings.


Pergolas turn any sunny patch into a semi shaded and more private space, on their own or over a hot tub or deck. Play with options such as lumber selections, roof heights, and placement to determine the ideal amount of privacy before buying materials.

Picnic Tables

Build your own custom version of this backyard classic.

Boat Docks

Stationary or floating boat docks can be easily designed with 3D Build Planner in literally minutes. Add additional sections with Copy and Paste actions, switch between bolts, nails, or screws instantly.


Simple or more complicated shelving can all be quickly designed with 3D build Planner.

Stud Walls

Framing a basement room or building an outdoor shed? 3D Build Planner takes the guess work out of the process.