3D Build Planner was developed by a team who made every effort to ensure the software you've purchased performs accurately and reliably, and meets and exceeds your expectatioons. In the case where you are experiencing issues with it, consult the 3D Build Planner Troubleshooting guide in the product Help section, or contact us directly at the email address below:

Providing feedback or reporting bugs

For compatibility or display related issues:

- Make and model of your desktop computer
- Make and model of the graphics card in your desktop
- Operating system you are using including any service packs installed (if known)

For product related issues:

- A brief description of the issue and instructions telling us how to reproduce it
- An export file of your project or portion of, containing the issue if possible

For technical questions, feedback, or reporting bugs, contact us at:

We do not publish a phone number as we prefer to handle inquiries via email, which keeps our costs and the costs of 3D Build Planner down. We do endeavour to respond as quickly as possible, often within one or two business days.