Tracks project lumber and fasteners as you add them

What can it do?

1. Displays your project before you build it. How?

2. Keeps track of project lumber and fasteners. How?

3. Tracks project cost based on prices you supply. How?

4. Optimizes project lumber to minimize cost. How?

5. Calculates measurements, mitres, and spacing when joining pieces. How?

6. Provides details such as surface area for staining and project weight. How?

Automatic lumber and fastener lists

3D Build Planner automatically tracks all the lumber and fasteners needed for your project right down to the piece, no estimating. As you add more pieces or new fasteners, 3D Build Planner keeps a running total.

Any changes made to your project are automatically tracked. Switching to nails from screws? Adding extra bolts half-way through? No worries, its all tracked. When you're finished planning, 3D Build Planner lists every piece of lumber and fastener needed for your project.